Thursday, 6 September 2018

Conversations with Vaul

I was just talking to a friend of mine. He said something really interesting (Brett if you're reading this it was our convo that sparked this off)  He was talking about a cracker of a model he did, really nice alternate Khorne color scheme that utilities blues, whites and golds. His style is neat and crisp and his highlights pop! I commented that (As his time zone is 14hrs behind me) it must be late there! He responded with "I was laying down but I had to finish Abraal, he was talking to me."
What he said jumped out at me. It made me stop for a second. Now I know none of us "Hear" our models talking to us but in the same vein what a peculiar choice of words! I think, what it translates into is that the hobby is such a pivotal part of our lives in the modern world. The modern us, with our work stress, bill stress, our (for me at least) difficult to navigate social relationships, our constant go go go lives.. we need a release. Hobby IS that release. Anything that gives us an escape, a way to heal from the stress is going to take up a very large and real part of our lives. Some turn to weights, sports, drugs, alcohol, church! I think that what ever it is we can all agree, it speaks to us. When I started this project (see the first entry) I was hit by a need to see my game preserved. So much so I am willing to pay with both currency and time to see it come to fruition. This is a decades long commitment that is second only to my immediate family in its importance! So while it came as a surprise to hear Brett use the terminology, after truly thinking about it, I completely understand! If he felt only half of what I do for his hobby, whether it be painting, sculpting, cutting and shutting or playing, of course he would be talking to his models, they are THAT important! I'll admit, I have begun to take it a bit further of late. Where before I would talk myself through a project or work through a color scheme in my head, now I find myself legit asking Vaul what he thinks! I know its stupid and quite frankly I don't give a fat rats crack! It helps me.. A LOT! I'm churning out models that are a good caliber at a good speed! My little brother and I are having more games than we have ever had and I'm feeling like this universe is truly coming together. I'm driven, I have a goal! and even if it never comes to fruition, I'll have an amazing display with which to decorate my home! It will be a few years but I truly enjoyed the feeling of looking at last years work (the armies project) and seeing a physical manifestation of my time and effort. I once thought i was king shit for using Orcs to wipe out every war hammer race in total war.. I even saved the file as "No one left Waaagh!!! and while I look at that pic and giggle, I don't get anywhere near the pleasure I get from looking at my completed project. I Understand how being a creator, of anything, is so rewarding! Seeing that physical manifestation of your hard work and being able to appreciate it is just wonderful! Any how! Next up for the World that is, a gorgeous LEAD forest dragon! I've always loved this model. Just like the Elves, its got so much more movement than the others, its so much more dynamic!  I also need to finish off the last member of my first unit of deep wood scouts and get them on a skirmish tray!

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