Thursday, 30 August 2018

The restless slumber of dead Gods and the sharper of the universe

While I haven't touched the blog in almost a year its not to say I haven't been busy. I'm full to the brim with pictures and projects. Since my last update, the lord Khaine, Vaul, Kurnos, Nurgle, The Great Horned Rat and all manner of other Gods have been tearing at my psyche, the edges of my consciousness have been rent asunder, torn to shreds. I'm getting ahead of myself though.. First thing is first, Armies on Parade, We took the win, by we I mean Vaul and myself. If it were not for the heavenly smiths input I, as the creator god, couldn't have finished the project, let alone to the level required to win. The scene was that of bloody murder. Corsairs, under the command of Lokhir Fellheart, lead shackled men of the Empire and Bretonnia up an ancient, stony path. Har-Ganeth Guard, the Executioners, formed up and flanked the procession, their banners tussled in the soft breeze. Lokhir presented himself before the Hag and her handmaidens, offering up the chosen slaves. Their sacrifice, at the hands of witches, would fuel the return of Khaine and usher in the true dawn of the ancient gods. Eldritch mist boiled forth from the feet of the Khainite Idol, it blanketed the white haired brides of Khaine. Sath'eledron, Hag and leader of the cult, bathed in the blood of previous sacrifices in her cauldron, looking down with heightened arousal at the wretched blood bags being lead to her. Ancient blood temples bubbled and churned, as the sacrifices were goaded ever closer to the idol. The rich red contents lapped at the edges of the arcane stonework as if having a mind of its own.

I used Dry Ice and hot water to great effect with this build. making a pool at the feet of the idol of Khaine, I was able to drop the dry ice, into the water to create the mist effect, coupled with the red LED's I had wired up into the cliff face its self, the effect was, in a word, fantastic!

All of the hard work paid off even before the blood of the last victim had dried, A shrill, metallic scream pierced reality. In a parody of Slaaneshes birth Khaine was once again a force in the old world. Gone was the new age, the so called "Age of Sigmar", the hands of the Creator god had, swept it away, in that one win, the square bases, the rank and file, secured the future of the old world against the depredations and would be ravishes of the round base! The people had voted and in doing so cemented, for eternity, the dominance of the square over the round.

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