Thursday, 5 October 2017

The sacrifice draws near, Khains power grows

Its been a very eventful month! The day of sacrifice is less than one month away and the Armies on Parade Project is quickly drawing to a close. Lord Khaine is ascendant and eagerly awaiting his return to reality. No longer will he be a shade, struggling against the bonds of entropy. Through this AoP entry, the lord of murder shall once again rise to his rightful place in the pantheon of Deities. Over the last month Vaul possessed me in earnest. He worked through me, shaping mountains, hills, grass and even ancient ruins. Through his creative majesty the entire Warhammer reality has manifested on a 2 x 2 piece of wood. I have hardened my chosen medium (florists foam) using PVA glue, undercoated, sprayed, brushed and flocked. Through Vauls artifice the mediocre wood was transformed into mud, dirt, grass, blood, pathways, vegetation and even eldritch mist! What was once flat, featureless, wood is now a scene of blood-shed, a ritual sacrifice. The wretched are march to their fate, lead by the fierce pirate slaver Lokhir Fellheart, his black hearted crew ensuring none may slip their bonds and flee. A guard of executioners, attended by Tullaris himself watch on, their impassive masks hiding faces well accustomed to visions of blood and death. Frenzied witches dance and cavort at the base of the stairs leading to the place of slaughter. Toasting their sacrifice with a chalice of blood, a hag bathes in the energizing and revitalizing fluid. Xothica, forever young and beautiful, holds in her hand the ritual blade that shall slice the throats of the wretched and allow their precious vitae to flow into her cauldron, their souls offered up to mighty Khaine as fuel for his rebirth. The bleak and imposing crag that houses the cauldron also houses the idol. Khaine's cold and harsh features stare down from on high. Eldritch mists emanate forth, blanketing the landscape, eerie and otherworldly. This is a place of death... and great power. Cyclopean ruins house ever churning pools of blood. Razor leaf vines grow insidiously, feeding on the sorcerous crimson liquid. A common site on the fields of battle, throughout the mortal realms and old world. Their leaves conspire to slice living flesh, in a never ending desire to feed their roots on the life energies of warm bloods. Bodies lay scattered from those foolish enough to attempt escape. The Drichii, ever the sadists, allow those that slip their binds to almost make it to freedom, some being shot with bolts or impaled with spears,  others being beheaded on the very steps of the realm-gate to freedom.

The centerpiece of this project is without a doubt the Mist. I had posted a picture on Instagram of the almost completed build, lamenting the fact I couldn't accurately reflect the mists from the realm of shadow. One of the people the follows me suggested a pool of water and dry ice. I hunted for a dry ice seller in my local area and was lucky enough to find a stockist. I purchased a kilogram and ran some tests. The results of which were fantastic! the dry ice bubbles and fulminates and gives a perfect mist effect. It adds both movement and depth to the entire piece. I've found myself with some time to spare so now I have decided to try my hand at Air brushing to see if I cant make myself a half decent background with which to tie together the entire thing.           

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