Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Khaine's worshipers grow and the future of Cav

I sat back and beheld what I had done. This Armies on Parade was good for me. I can honestly say, hand on heart I'v never fully completed a warhammer project before. Sure I've painted plenty of models I've fully painted and based some modest sized armies but never to a "better than tabletop" standard. This AoP, my visions and the whispers of dead gods have really driven me to achieve. I have been quickened by seeing this project come to fruition. The effort, the planing the execution, all of it has come together, to form a real, tangible, physical representation of a creator gods will. The plastic, pigment, sand, glue, flock, time, effort, energy. Its all there! Its all there and it has shown me I am on the right path. These stories need to continue to be told, these characters are still yearning to be heard. I had planed to take a break from the hobby, until after the Armies on parade. To let myself unwind and experience the new Total war Warhammer 2. I did try, I gave it a red hot crack but as i sat there clicking the mouse, moving Malekith from battle to battle, Khaine was urging my hand. I kept looking at my paints, looking at my table, seeing the cold dead grey witches, devoid of vigor, practically shapeless in their monochrome uniformity. I couldn't do it. I couldn't put the brush down. So I started my next unit. 20 witch elves, their pale, hated flesh tones that need hours of blending and washing, sapping away an eternity of my life. 6 layers of gold armor, green glaze for poisoned blades, 3 layers of black for the leather with delicate and fine highlighting. These rank and file cultists of the lord of murder were getting the same care and attention as if they were Hellebron herself. 3 weeks and I had churned out another unit of  Witches. fully based, moment tray and ready for battle. as I sat, feeling contented in my work, the lord of murder's hand took my chin, his powerful grip no longer incorporeal and devoid of substance. Now the metallic tang of blood was all too real, the smell, the heat and the feel. The viscous fluid, tickled as it ran in rivulets to form thick oozing stalactites hanging from my jaw, drips fell with a dull tap-tap-tap on my cream carpet. None of this I saw though. I was transfixed by his gaze, white hot, molten metal orbs, sent icy shards of fear and purpose through me. This was a turning point. Before now I had a hobby, I had a goal, now though, now it was an obsession. He cursed me with conviction, he placed a hex on me a hex that drives me still to this day to complete his rebirth. I am having trouble sleeping, my mind is ablaze with possibilities! I must now finish my next unit of witches, 30 in all. Along with Hellebron, Hag Queen and leader of the cult of Khaine. After them I move onto a unit of 20 sisters of slaughter. Their blood lust and artistic murderous prowess is pleasing to the lord of murder. As for the pirates who supply them their slaves I have 20 more to complete. An interesting aside, While I am well and truly in the grip of Khaine so is Vaul, both of us now brothers in servitude. we have concocted a means by which to add both chariots and cold ones to the army. We will use Kharibdyss heads! They shall be fixed to cav bases, designed to look like water, on their backs shall ride corsairs. They will appear as great sea snakes being ridden into battle by pirate slavers. We will twist sky cutter chariots to shadowy ends, crew them with Corsairs and once again have them drawn by Sea Serpents.  this is the vision of three gods. Lord Khaine shall have his bloody host, they in turn shall sacrifice countless souls to his majesty, given to them by their pirate raider allies. As always though, in the back ground, not more than a whispered suggestion, is a scratching, chittering, and skittering and bells, bells that toll 13 times, 13 times a day. Its enough to drive a person quite mad.

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