Monday, 4 September 2017

Children venerate the creator and the Goddess brings life to the common man in the mortal realms.

It was Fathers day... which also happens to fall in my birthday month. What is birthday month? well Emma and I tend to spoil each other and the children a bit and as such, birthdays are less days and more entire months! To that end come the first of September The creator god was given a gift by the Mother goddess! sitting upon the throne, ruminating on further shaping the reality of the old world Emma suddenly got all excited and asked me if I wanted one of my Birthday month presents! Me being the restrained and stoic individual that I am, almost wet myself and replied "Hell yes I want a present!". Giggling she jumped up and ran to grab it. I was instructed to shut my eyes so as not to spoil the plethora of other gifts all ready stockpiled. once she had found what she was looking for she raced back and into my lap plonked the Generals Hand Book  2017! I was super happy! From what I had read the GHB was really good. I was excited to see what changed and what magic items were now available to my armies! I was also eagre to see the new fortress assault rules as I had gotten my hands on an old "Warhammer Fortress" and now eagerly await an excuse to use it! The Free Peoples are going to have a blast pruning Sylvaneth from those mighty walls! The Wanderer magic items look really cool, I cant wait to have a Prince with a spear causing grievous bodily harm to his enemies in the form of splinterous death! I'm also going to make a Darkling coven hero a suicide bomber! The new rules for allies are GREAT! I can finally field my Druarden properly (Yes I am a gun line player) and my Darkling covens can have Khaines daughters back at their head! The Goddess, it turns out, had ordered warlord version of the GHB, the one with all the cool optional extras! More on that later. As we scrutinised the book we both were eagre to have a roll in the mortal realms once again! Emma was inspired to paint some more Sylvaneth and I was inspired to flesh out my Warherd! First things first however I need to finish my AoP entry! 

Speaking of which I spent some time boring holes, wiring up the cliffs, texturing in and sealing holes. now I need to add a pool of water at the base of Khains feet for the dry ice, to produce the mist, paint and do the finer detail stuff then we are all set!

Fathers day rolled around next and man did I get spoiled. I was given the rare opportunity by Emm and the Kids to sleep in, a task I undertook with much gusto and was eventually awoken with 5 kisses, 5 cuddles and a chorus of "Happy Fathers DAY!" I snuggled each individual little meat sack and gave tickles and luvs as required. I was then met by the smell of toasted pastries, fruit toast, bacon, eggs, sausages and baked beans! I got up and walked out into the lounge room, It has been decorated with streamers and balloons. I walked to the dining room and before me was a banquet! More food than I could poke a grot at and 5 grinning kids with a beaming fiancĂ© all waited for me to sit so we could eat! I sat down and we all dived in, all 7 of us ate our fill and there was plenty left over to pick at for the rest of the day. After gorging ourselves like ogres at a religious ceremony for the great maw came presents! As I said before Emma had gotten me the Warlord edition of the GHB and the extra bits were given to me by the kids. There was a fair bit of stuff in there including; battle plan cards, featuring the new battleplans from the book;
27 reference cards, covering Coalition of Death, Triumph & Treachery and the new Matched Play Triumphs; A sheet of tokens covering terrain markers, wound markers, terrain effects, magic statuses and battle shock; 2 victory point trackers; 2 summoning rulers; A pad of 50 blank rosters for Matched Play games, It was AWESOME! Next was a book I had wanted for AGES; Path to glory. as we all know I'd much rather make my own characters and give them backgrounds and the path to glory rules are perfect for that! As soon as I'm done with my AoP entry, Emma and I are starting a campaign, Sylvaneth vs War Heards. Which may, in fact, be my next AoP entry, Emm and I had talked about it before, Her Sakura Sylvaneth  in a desperate fight against my hordes of beasts! All devotees of Slaanesh and all painted using the same pallet as her cherry blossoms! I was also given a box of vines to add to my terrain and a heap of paint with which to paint my AoP board! Along with a plethora of other non GeeDub related stuff! All in all it was a fantastic fathers day, I was completely spoilt and have offered up many a prayer to the gods, giving thanks to my beautiful little family, for all the love they show me and all the trouble they go to, so that I can have a great day. I just hope I can live up to and be worthy of having such amazing loved ones!