Sunday, 27 August 2017

Vaul and Khaine clash...and more creativity than can be poked with but one stick!

The board continues. This past week or so has been pretty hectic. Emma and I had a couple of fairly big hits healthwise and we've really had to dig deep and support each other. Having said that I'm still making gains on the AoP entry and the fantasy project as a whole!

Grungi saw fit to bless me with a new unit of metal slayers - a donation, and one I am really thankful for. Those guys are EXPENSIVE and hard to come by now. Emma has been busy prepping for my birthday, stealthily ordering from Forge World and making Games Workshop purchases! I've been able to put in a solid few hours on the board, texturing it, adding small details and sealing the cliff-side ready for paint. While on the subject of paint, we went and grabbed that too! I also got my hands on some lights to illuminate the statue of Khaine.

Finally I have all I need to complete it. I posted a few snaps to instagram, lamenting the fact I couldn't work out how to make mist for the realm of shadow. Then, one of my insta followers suggested sourcing some dry ice! Vaul's eyes lit up at the creative suggestion while the bloody-handed god just wanted it to be done and finished, so that I could continue with the other witch elves, corsairs, cold ones, Malekith, Morathi, bolt thrower, Medusa, dread-spears and dark shards! They began a heated argument that devolved into blows. Their battle was immense, lasting a grand total of  30 seconds before I overruled and sided with Vaul. I sourced dry ice and now there will be mist, fulminating from the cliff, at the base of Khaine's feet, illuminated red by the lights! This has put the project back a little but not too badly. Now I need to sit down, hollow out the back of the cliff, install the lights, make a hole for the mist to seep out of and undercoat the entire thing! I also got around to free-hand painting the other unit banners and putting finishing touches on some of the models I missed. All in all, despite our current trials, a productive week.

On the horizon are also more minions of the rat god, their chittering and scampering gnawing at the edges of my sanity, urging me to drop all and give myself over to the dreaded 13! Also a new rumbling in my gut is indicative of some type of imminent ogre incursion!
While going through the multitude of boxes I have from yesteryear I found the Empires Patriarch; Balthazar Gelt! I really need to try and get a Franz! I was buzzed as he is one of my favourite characters. The paint job is abysmal; 18 yr old me REALLY needs to learn to thin his paints. Saint Duncan would be appalled. Tonight after work shall be more work on the Realm Gate and hopefully finishing off my base colours so I can do the highlighting the day after.     

These black areas are going to have the same marble effect that the statue of Khaine has. The magical energies shall be a purple base with blue and white highlights.

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