Thursday, 10 August 2017

The Adventure Begins!

Sigmar drifted through space and time, adrift for an eternity. All he had known was turned to nothingness, chaos had come and reduced existence to its most primordial component parts. Sigmar was saved, however, by a benevolent Dragon and together they made an age anew, the age...OF SIGMAR!

All sounds very dramatic, lol. Welcome to our blog! This site is going to follow my painting and modeling escapades throughout the "Age of Sigmar", as well as follow a much larger and greater undertaking. You see, Warhammer Fantasy was my life. I was into the hobby at the age of 12 and as of right now I'm 34. So as I am sure you could imagine, the Age of Sigmar came as somewhat of a shock. Made all the more brutal because at the time I was going through a very messy divorce. So not only did I have the stress of losing my kids 50% of the time but I had lost the one constant in my life, my hobby. Thank god I met my now Fiance when I did, were it not for her I no doubt would've been drifting in the eternal nothingness, looking for a dragon of my own! Enough of this longwinded aside...why am I rambling like this anyway? Well, because I want to drive home the importance Warhammer Fantasy played in my life and how I intend to honor it.

Through a series of unfortunate events (ie. shitty marriage) I was unable to delve too deeply into the story of the End Times. So by the time I had gotten there, the dust was starting to settle and people were burning their Dark Elves in protest. I researched and was intrigued, then crushed to find out this amazing story arc was snuffed out! In my mind it had all taken no longer than a week. I phoned my little brother, talked to him, he filled me in and, being into the hobby for as long as I had, saw "The Age of Sigmar" as some kind of Nurgle-esque filth given life! So for the next 2 years I stopped the hobby altogether, and so did he. It wasn't until my fiance said "Lets head to the new GW store and see what it's like" that I had even considered picking up a paint brush.

We walked into a modest store, it had a nice manager and was full of overpriced plastic crack All the old memories returned, the paint, the brushes, the heavy metal blasting out of the speakers. I began to feel that familiar pull, that urge to create, to mold, to bring to life great heroes, mighty empires! I looked at the shelves and stared in wonder! Orruks, Aelfs, free people and some kind of golden armored fantasy marines stared back at me. I stood there for an age; entropy quickly and efficiently cooling the fire that had dared to spark inside. I was cold, hollow, heart broken. I felt then and there that I had made a big mistake. Like I had just found out Optimus Prime was being charged with child molestation charges! We left the store wishing I had never gone.

2 months later...

My gorgeous ebony haired girl giggled at me with a hand full of dice. Something about a wall of wood and easy grots poked and prodded trying to find a weak point in the woodel...excuse me, sylvaneth wall of wood...all to no avail! The trees tore my poor greenskins apart! The cute girl with the black hair rolled all of her dice and not one twig snapped; I don't even think my Gobbo...Grots ruffled their leaves! Chipmunks and owls laughed at my poor little fungi as they were torn apart by wooden people, an ancient treeman hardly stirred from his slumber in a grove to my left, as the last of my little heroes was made into forest mulch. Emma laughed and exclaimed how fun and quick the game had been and I admitted that, despite losing (I'm an Orcs and Goblin player, let's face it I'm used to beat downs) I had really enjoyed myself!

So with that game we started looking into AoS. I still had reservations, still compared it to my beloved WHFB. But now at least with a mix of my beautiful enthusiastic fiance and simplified rules, I had found my spark again. I wanted to paint! We returned to the store and I purchased some brushes. I talked with the store manager and we discussed my love of painting and modeling. He invited me to submit an Armies on Parade entry. Something inside of me blurted out, in my voice, "Sure!" and that was that. I was committed!

As weeks wore on I found myself drawn back in like never before...the paint, the green stuff, the flock. I loved it all! I was home, but I needed one more thing. I needed closure. I needed to say goodbye to MY Warhammer. So I decided to start a blog, with the help of the beautiful girl, an IT major and owner of both my heart and my children. She set me up and plans to design it for me. The blog would follow me throughout my Age of Sigmar journey and most importantly my construction of the ultimate Warhammer Fantasy collection. Every 8th edition army, every End Times army, all painted to Armies on Parade standard, all displayed, every army 5000 points minimum. This, THIS was what I needed, THIS is how I would keep my flame alive. I, along with my best friend and love of my life, save the Fantasy universe and stop the end times, by freezing time in those last desperate years of the old world. Every special character would be spared, every major city. This would be, their story.

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