Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Parades March Closer and the Ticking of Time

I was glad I signed up for the AoP when I did. With a full time job and 5 children, it's a hefty undertaking to say the least! I find allotting a few hours a day and deciding to sit and make it happen helps...helps to make me feel guilty as I sit and play another round of Total War, or sit and procrastinate, looking at every other army I have and hearing the desperate cries for help and rebirth they so desperately need. These things however, are not getting the entry done and done it needs to be! I have a vision and this entry for armies on parade is the window into that vision. The eyes are the window to the soul, so too is this entry a window into mine. That is what keeps me ticking over, that is what is making this a reality as time marches on. I think people who achieve, don't achieve just because it's easy for them, by the same token I don't feel it's entirely 100% hard work, nose to the grind stone. I think their achievements are a window and reflection of who they are at that time. People say, where do you find the time to be doing this stuff? I reply, where do you find the time to smoke, drink, go clubbing, pubbing or anything else? You find time, you /make/ time. I WANT these people, races, beings, to /be/ something I want to achieve that and no matter the distractions, no matter if it takes 3 months, years or decades. They will be saved. The vision of my soul /will/ be made manifest. First though, I need to finish the window! lol, to that end, here are a few pics of general layout and supplies I've used so far.      

The general layout is fairly simple, the damned being marched to an alter for sacrifice. I wanted to inset them all though; I feel this looks a lot better than having them all just plonked on a board. This meant that my realm of battle game board was out of the question. As I sit, ruminating on the task at hand, both Vaul of the elves and Grungi shake their heads at me, their shoulders slumping. The future of this project, rested on the shoulders of a god who had no idea about crafting nor tool use. They worked through me. Urging me to do research. Find ways, techniques. Every mouse click I made every hardware store convo I had, there they were guiding me. In the end I settled on MDF two boards of varying thickness. The thinner to have holes cut. The thicker to be the base. By the time I got home I had all I needed. Glue, wood brushes! I looked into things like polystyrene for the cliffs and rocks. Requiring a hit wire cutter and things of that nature to shape. Then Xothica, mother of Elves told me about Florists foam. Very very malleable and light yet when treated with wood glue, solid enough to be painted. I purchased blocks of the stuff and while yes it was perfect for molding, makes one hell of a mess! We paid a visit to my father, holder of all things power tool related and he guided me in their use. I now heartedly regret all of those hours playing Baulders Gate in my room as a teenager when I could've been learning the finer points of power equipment. Luckily though, the old boy is still around and only too happy to instruct me now. Under his tutelage, with Vaul and Grungi present and guiding me, I was able to cut the holes required and preped for the next step. Next, the cleaning up of the cuts, measuring for fit and gluing!  

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