Monday, 14 August 2017

Orion's Plea and an Army Usurped

The Asrai were going to be painted in an Autumn theme, which with the benefit of hindsight was befitting of this entire project. The idea that the creator god was going to 'save' the old world, freeze time, on the brink of annihilation, fitted well with the Autumn theme, the coming Winter, the death of all. However this Autumn would be perpetual. In a land of constant, war what better time to stop the clock than when all balanced on a knife edge? The idea that the mighty Orion and his children reflected, in their army make up and colour scheme, the very essence of this project even before I had decided to undertake the just seems like providence. I had decided on brown and greys. A late Autumn theme. All of the Asrai were going to be armed with bone weapons and all trees and plants were going to reflect the tone of the army. Once again, greys and browns. I began with Araloth, though I left his shield off. I had every intent of customising him and using him as my own character (Imrillion). I got a large unit of Eternal Guard. Glade guard, great eagles glade riders and wild riders. The army was to be primarily mounted. With few forest spirits. As their power wanes during late autumn through winter, many forest spirits enter hibernation along with the rest of the forest. my vision was a highly mobile force of mostly Asrai who were using more animals than spirits. This would give the look and feel of the Elves desperate attempt to protect the Forrest by themselves,
without their forest spirit allies.

This was until Emma began to feel an affinity with the woodelves and sylvaneth herself. Imrillion here was the only one that ever got the life-giving touch of the brush. After that, Emma took over the forest spirits and great eagles and I began to breathe life into the Druchii. I shall get back to them in short order. My heart has always been with Orion and his children and I look forward to making a custom Orion build, in this autumn theme and Lord Kurnos hungers for the thrill of the endless hunt. He has seen the mighty Khaine made whole again and his wild spirit howls at the chance to run free in the wood once again. 

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