Friday, 11 August 2017

On Tullaris and Modeling

I have always loved the characters in WHFB. For my money though I liked to make my own, through Path to Glory or similar rules. The exception, however, comes in the form of characters without models; I always feel so bad for these guys, the underdogs. So when I decided I was submitting an Armies on Parade with a sacrifice and execution theme I HAD to make Tullaris. As leader of the Executioners and devotee of the bloody handed god, Khaine himself was begging me to bring back his most favoured son! Now I know he HAS had a model, but nothing updated. I wanted him to stand out and I wanted him to fit with the current style of executioner.

I started with a bit of a dark elf/Darkeldar kitbash. I was happy enough but it lacked something, he was too static. I thought on it and eventually settled on a samurai-style pose, swapped out the arm, angled his head down, as well as used the arm with his finger pointing toward what he was looking at. It made for a very powerful pose. He, with the other executioners, would be a perfect frame for each side of the path to sacrifice, both guard and cultist.

The effect is great when you couple it with the poor souls being marched to their death. Emma really loves and feels sorry for the wretched - while they have no bearing in the "army" portion of the Armies on Parade diorama, they are an important part of it none the less. On my Instagram I posted their pictures and gave them a bit of a back story. I set the scene in the realms. They were the fighting men of a free peoples village, though they could just as easily been the fighting men of Marienburg or Grunburg. The village had fended off orcs, daemons, armies of undead and other humans. They had a reputation as warriors and honourable men. Their home had not fallen to the predation of much stronger and faster advisories...that was until one morning they awoke to such cold terror it froze their hearts solid within their chests. Every child had been taken in the night. Not one person had heard a thing, not one dog bark nor cat hiss had alerted anyone. They took to the streets, calling the names of their loved ones, to no avail. It was a mystery until a note was found, scrawled on the side of a village elders home. Written in blood with tiny fingers, in a shaking childish script it read:

"Bring your best, bring your mightiest, bring your brightest and most able. Blind them, bind them and please, let us come home."

The folk could do nothing but acquiesce, for what more can a parent do? With a calm nobility, the greatest warriors of the town stood, one by one, stoic. They had their necks and arms chained, their eyes gouged and tongues cut out. The blind mutes were marched to the shores, to waiting corsair vessels. Mirth and humour was evident on the face of each pirate. As the slaves were shoved aboard and taken below, the last thing any of them heard was the merciless laughter as the pirates butchered their women and children. With their greatest warriors in chains, mutilated, the village never stood a chance.

By the act of a creator god, not only has an entire village been put to the sword, ravaged by pirates, but good men tortured and sent to meet an ignoble end. Good and evil, two sides of the same coin. The only justification needed is that it was part of the vision of a creator!

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