Saturday, 12 August 2017

Isha Gets a Goddess and Input From the Lady of the House

As we drove today Emma was complimenting me on the blog. She was telling me that she enjoyed reading it and was compelled to check it every day to watch the project and world of Warhammer Fantasy grow! As well as the eventual rise of the AoS "Aelves" we spoke about my current army project, the models I had amassed and the armies I was yet to build. She urged me to mention our plans for a joint Armies on Parade entry, some time in the future. I thought it would make for a fantastic entry so now is as good a time as any!

The goddess Isha had suffered greatly, seeing her children die, as chaos marched across the world. All would've been lost had it not been for the machinations of a creator goddess, one who had the power to bring back Isha and her children from the brink! 

Emma fell in love with the Wood Elves after she had an epiphany, a sakura themed forest spirit army! I have spoken about buying her a Dark Elf force previously. That was all well and good until the idea of delicate pink and white petals being splattered with blood as vicious forest spirits nobly defended their forest home from interlopers! Not only has Emma quite the eye for aesthetics and colour theory, she is also a massive Japanophile. Emma decided to take it upon herself to raise Isha's woodland realms from the brink. 

With pigment and brush, everywhere the Mother Goddess touched, cherry blossoms bloomed throughout Athel Loren. Isha was filled with joy at the colour and vibrancy of her new and enriched realm! Ancient tree folk had new life breathed into them - dryads, treemen even animals of the forest all felt the mother goddess' touch...

Her painting is beautiful. She's a natural! Having never picked up a brush before she began to churn out pieces like this! I don't mind admitting to feeling a tad jealous, that after honing my painting abilities over almost a quarter century my fiancé comes in and starts churning out models of comparable quality! Having said that I am far far more proud of her achievement! The woods of Athel Loren have never looked so beautiful!

Unfortunately with ying comes yang; with the delicate and beautiful you must always have the brutish and ugly. For without the brutish and ugly, you have no point of reference to decide that which is beautiful!  To that end, I decided to play around with a similar colour scheme on something utterly different...enter the war herd of Saachen Goreheart! A beast lord utterly devoted to the prince of excess. Saachen and his herd would be the antitheses to Isha's new and beautiful children. The creator god was pleased with his creation and an idea bloomed. The mother would create a force of delicate, wondrous Sakura spirits. While the Creator would bring forth their equal in a chaotic and bestial tide of pinks, greys and whites. We would make and submit an armies on parade as a snapshot of these two mighty forces clashing on the fields of battle.

But that is a story to come. One thing at a time and right now, that's the children of Khaine. 

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