Thursday, 10 August 2017

Creator God and the Rise of Khaine

I had agreed to enter into the Armies on Parade. Emma and I drove away and I was full of ideas; I prattled on about the models I had and worried about the ones I didn't. I talked about colour schemes and needing to read up on current lore. All the while Emma nodded when required and looked on lovingly as I spewed forth the very stuff of primordial creation!

An idea began to germinate. I had just concluded a business transaction in the form of a large quantity of plastic crack from a fellow junkie, who later became like a brother to me! Witch Elves were the order of the day. They were initially purchased as a project for Emma whilst I worked on my 8th edition wood elves.

I would like to insert here that while the transaction was carried out between this soon-to-be family member and I, they did in fact belong to his own beautiful lady, purchased by me for my beautiful lady..,but fate is a strange and fickle mistress and it turned out that Emma preferred the wood elves and she decreed I should have the Druchii!

Continuing on...

I purveyed the transaction... a cauldron, witches, sisters of slaughter, Morathi... Everything a growing armies on parade entry needed to get off of the ground! It was then and there I decided... The entry would comprise 3 parts...

1) Corsairs, led by Lokhir Fellheart, who would be marching slaves along a stretch of ground, flanked by...

2) 2 rows of Executioners - Tullaris would be present, pointing in a sinister manner at the soon to be victims of a dead God's thirst, and they would be guarding...

3) Two units of ten Witch Elves, flanking an alter to Khaine, set in a cliff face with a cauldron of blood at his feet.  The cliffs and much of the terrain would have to be modelled from scratch.

This was the basis for my board. Children of a dead race trying to revive their god by sacrificing those unlucky enough to be captured. They couldn't know their prayers would be answered by a god of a different sort, one who was completely outside of their time and space, one with the power to grant that desperate wish and one with a fixation born of decades of single minded addiction to a hobby.

I sketched out a rough diagram of what I wanted the board to look like and set about painting executioners with wild abandon. since then I have completed my corsairs, witches and the statue of Khaine with the Cauldron of blood. With pigment, brush, putty and glue I am breathing life back into a dead world, raising up from the ashes a dead society and religion. Tullaris, Lokhir, Their underlings, all bought back from the abyss, from the halls of entropy. I, the creator god, look down at my work, realising there was still so much more but steadfast and buoyed by my progress. Khaine stares up at me from the eyes of his idol, thankful for the chance to exist once again.

Meanwhile, it isn't only the Dark Elves that are being saved. Skaven, Vampire Counts, Orcs, Dwarves, men of the empire, Bretonnia, Wood Elves and Highelves, Evan chaos themselves, those that brought about the end times, the change, have been collected and continue to be... Louis, Archaon, Imrik, Luthor, Morathi, The Green Knight, Queek, Grimgor, Azhag, Vlad, Konrad... the names of heroes already safe and secured within the creator gods realm, MY realm but with each name listed there are many many more still to go. I need to do this, I need closure, I need, vehemently to hold on to that which bore me through many many years of both highs and lows, I need my constant, I need my rock. I need that world that makes sense, where good triumphs, despite the odds and evil is beaten back into the dark night.

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