Thursday, 17 August 2017

A goddess' gentle touch can reform mountains and another God shows themselves.

Today was quite busy, even by a god's standards. I had set myself the goal of completing the rocky outcrop where the sacrifices were to be marched to, the holes in which to insert all bases, the bases for the blood pools and to stick the thinner board to the thicker one.

I dropped the children at school, which consisted of the obligatory forehead kiss, morning name writing and letter practice. We only had one stop to make before heading home, so I was anticipating a productive day of getting stuff done. I'd had a sound in my head all morning, kind of like when the wind blows outside at night, that howling. It was really quiet though, like it was far away. I ignored it and pretty much forgot about it, it eventually subsided to a gentle breeze sound, the kind you get as the wind gently rolls over long grass.

We got home and I got started. It is here I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Emma. 

Not only is she fully supportive of my hobby catharsis she is so very understanding. I have been all over the table for weeks and now, today, our dining room looked like a construction site! I had power tools, glue, files, blades, all over the place! I began by using a small file and enlarging and tidying up the holes I had made in the MDF. From here, I test fit each model until I was happy with the placement and size of the holes.

I must admit the process was somewhat more arduous than I had first thought and every time I began to feel like my shoulder hurt, Grungi would swig from his ale horn and snort >:{ I continued under Vaul's watchful gaze however and after a little while I had completed the task. By this time Khaine had decided to wander along and inspect my handiwork. To say he was pleased was an understatement. The day of sacrifice was drawing ever closer and he could almost taste the blood. Offering an encouraging nod he slipped back into the pocket plane of existence to eagerly await the witches blood orgy.

Next I cut out more MDF for the base of the blood pools, I'll slip those into their holes for a similar effect to the troops. With the tidying of the holes done and all the models fitting snugly I turned my attention to the cliff-side. I had planed on keeping them tall, and shear. while I liked the way it framed the the board it also shut it right in, blocking a lot of light and obscuring a lot of detail. Emma suggested tapering off the edges of the cliffs so that they started low at the left and right outer points and rose to a point at the center. This, it turned out was /exactly/ what was needed. Perfectly framed and perfectly well lit.

The idol of Khain is still sitting in a pool of shadow. He will be lit from beneath by red (or green, still undecided) LED's
Now all that was left to do was affix the two boards. This was achieved with wood glue, pressure and time! To that end, no weight training for a few days!

I almost forgot! That sound I was hearing, the wind and the breeze. Turns out it was Mor, God of death! A good friend of mine (the same one who had originally sent the witches) had sent me a large package and it arrived today! Inside was a Wight King, all Montarchs (still on sprue), 5 Black Knights, 30 Grave Guard, 10 Skeleton Warriors, a Terrorgheist (or dragon still on sprue), 3 bases of spirit hosts and a black coach! Mor was most pleased to see the ranks of the undead swell, as was I. I smiled and shut the lid on the box. Mor would have to wait; Khaine had come first and there was a blood pact to be fulfilled.

Also, he is quite the artist and has rendered me in ink, both as an Ork and Word Bearer. They are now both on display in our bedroom. (They were going in the Warhammer room but we loved them so much we had to put them in the bedroom!)


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